Summer Reading

I have great memories of spending my summers curled up with a good book. I couldn’t wait for school to be out for summer so that I could escape to another world through the magic of a good book.

My boys, on the other hand, let’s just say they don’t have those same memories. Their summer reading memories are more like, “Do you remember when mom forced us to read? Do you remember when my mom said no video games until after we read?” And on and on.

I’m okay with their disdain for my forced summer reading sessions. Reading is not optional. You will spend a significant portion of your summer having fun, enjoying time with friends and making great memories. And I’m okay with one of those memories being checking off books from the dreaded summer reading list.

One day, in the very far off, distant future they will thank me for making them into cultured readers. One day, they will appreciate being able to understand references to Invisible Man, Brave New World or 1984. Until then, I’m forcing them to read.

This summer, they will pick three books from the College Board Reading List we received from our school district. I think I might pick a couple too!

What are your teens reading this summer?

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